Hydraulic powered hydrolift

Hydraulic powered hydrolift – Capable of operating at any depth (2015)

The Antikythera shipwreck excavation has been a challenging task, due to site characteristics including depth, current, extent of site. The excavation had to be controlled, efficient, and safe for both the personnel involved and the wreckage itself. All equipment had to be easily portable both on the surface and underwater. The ARGO NGO research team developed a system based in hydraulic tools which are widely used in commercial diving applications for their efficiency and reliability. A hydraulic power pack is circulating high pressure oil to activate a submersible 3″ pump, which in turn is feeding sea water to a Venturi arrangement, creating suction. Two water dredge arrangements can operate simultaneously or in a redundancy setup.



Hycon Power Pack   Hycon Submersible Pump