Documentary Production

«The underwater Antiquities of Antikythera» – Documentary, 60mins, English language

Based on art. 5 of ARGO’s statute and under greek government license a professional filming crew has been commissioned to following the efforts of the international scientific team lead by the Greek Minstry of Culture operating at the Antikythera Shipwreck site since the year 2012. Artifacts raised from the famous archaeological site, such as the «Antikytera Mechanism» and «Youth» have been the pride of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens since they were discovered in the early 1900’s.

Filming is taking place at a 24/7 basis, recording everything that is going on at Antikythera during project dates.

The documentary is currently in post-production phase (2018).

Credits : Evan Kovacs (U/W Video), Brett Seymour (U/W Stills), John Fardoulis (Aerial Video/UAV Pilot), Michael Tsimperopoulos (Land Video/Steadicam/Editing), Carl Kaiser (ROV Operator/Video)