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The «Civil non Profit Company for Scientific Research and Education – Argo» has been established in the year 2014 with the purpose of :

1) Conducting field scientific research, study ancient and contemporary findings, developing techniques and equipment for  field examination and objects study, both on land and underwater.

2) Studying the degree of deterioration of man-made structures and the related consequences on the natural environment. Methods for preserving such structures and the environment are also studied.

3) Organizing conventions, events and exhibitions.

4) Promoting the access on knowledge, training, lifelong training and education and open and distance learning. Designing, organizing and conducting such programs.

5) Presenting, publishing and applying worldwide the results of scientific research related to the purposes of ARGO. The production and distribution of video and/or photographic material, writing and publishing books and/or periodicals/magazines, creating websites are relevant examples.

6) Take part in the establishment procedure for protected areas and areas (parks) of special interest.

7) Providing specialists’ advise on projects related to the purposes of ARGO.

8) Following advances and novelties related to the purposes of ARGO.

9) Participating in or managing and running projects requiring co-operation with the public or private sector, the European Union or third countries.

10) Strengthening the bonds between ARGO’s members, friends and supporters and promoting the spirit of solidarity.

11) Supporting the moral, cultural, social and mental development of ARGO’s members, friends and supporters.

12) Creating incentives in organizing and developing the above activities.